My name is Mindy,  I am a proud mother of two beautiful little girls and a handsome little boy. I was born in Alaska, raised in Washington state and relocated to Arizona in the fall of 2007. I majored in Graphic Design at The Art Institute of Seattle. I was a pre kindergarten teacher for almost six years. During that time, I started my photography journey.  I bought a DSLR camera and taught myself how to use it. I took photos of my students and hung the photos on the wall for the parent's to view,  kind of like a gallery in our classroom. Families started asking me to take their family portraits for the holidays and the rest is history. I have been taking photos of families since 2011. I recently added Real Estate Photography to my resume when my fiance' earned his Real Estate license this year. We work hand in hand on all of our projects. I enjoy doing what I do and that is important. " The only way to do GREAT work is to LOVE what you do".