Friday, August 12, 2011

{Family} First Day of Kindergarten for Little Jbug

Ever since the day I gave birth to my daughter people always told me to "cherish the moments because time flies so fast". I cannot agree with them more. It seems like yesterday that she was just starting preschool at the school where I work. This year my daughter, Jaedyn started Kindergarten. She was so excited to meet new friends and go to the "big school". Her cousins attend the same school and her aunt is a first grade teacher there, so it is extra fun for her to run into them during the day. We picked out a perfect little outfit for her to wear and made a little sign so we could remember the exact date that she started her "big school". We did a fun little photo shoot outside our house before we left that day. Here she is posing with the sign. 

Once we got to school, it was fun for her to look around at her new surroundings. We were approached by the Arizona Republic and they took a few photos of us. We were told they would be in the paper on that Wednesday, but when I went to buy it, we were not in it. But, that is okay ;P hehe.

While waiting for the doors to open, she got a little bit sad, but it soon turned around when we finally go to go in and see the class!

She found her name on the wall outside of her classroom. 

When we went in the classroom, she found her spot and sat down. She looked around smiling for about five minutes before I finally left. When she got home that day she said " mom, I didn't get in red today ( which means she was a good listener") WEW! I am so glad she listened and had fun. I am so excited for her new adventures. I vaguely remember Kindergarten, but I know that I had a blast! 

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