Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Planning...planning... and a Haboob!

So as some of you know, I have been planning my daughter's birthday for a couple of months now. With only three days left until the big day, we have had some interesting obstacles and fun surprises over here at Mimi Marie headquarters. I have so many fun things planned for this party and one of them being my own custom designed printables. I am a graphic design major and with all the buzz over party printables, I thought I would create some of my own for my daughter's party. I also have collaborated with some wonderful ladies from Martha Stewarts Dreamers Into Doers website. I can't wait to share every detail with you all!

Okay, so I was mentioning obstacles. I design on an IMac G5. I bought it when I was in design school in Seattle 5 years ago. It has been such a great computer to me until..... TODAY! It keeps freezing up and I cannot work on my design files. I am really freaking out about it. I sure hope that I can get my files off of it before it passes away for good! Luckily, I can download a free trial of Illustrator to my husbands PC and work from that on any files I had saved in my email. Thank goodness for email!

{ Photo by Emily Lucas }
One more obstacle was a crazy dust storm that hit Phoenix yesterday. I was at Walmart picking up tissue paper, crepe paper and table cloths for the party and when I walked outside a HUGE cloud of dust was heading for me. It was coming so fast that I was engulfed in dust within seconds of spotting it. I was really nervous to drive home in it because it was really thick and hard to see. As I was driving home, the color of the storm changed from brown to a white dust. It was really weird. One of the weirdest things I have ever witnessed yet here in Arizona. Above is a photo that a friend of mine posted on facebook. Here is a little article about the crazy dust storm.

You are probably wondering how a dust storm would be an obstacle for my big party... well, the fabulous dust storm left soo much sand , debris and dirt in our pool, when we went to clean it one of the pipes clogged up. Which puts a lot of pressure on us to fix ASAP because our party is a POOL PARTY! Hello stress! Hopefully it will all work out and we can get the pipe unclogged tomorrow and have the pool sparkly clean for the party. I will only think positive thoughts!

I wanted to also mention that I have had the opportunity to work with some of the most talented, amazing women run businesses this past couple of weeks. I am so proud to know you all! Thanks for being a part of the party... it will be a big success and I can't wait to share the details!

Hope you all have a wonderful Thursday! :)

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