Saturday, March 26, 2011

Soo much is going on!

Hey there everyone! I am back and ready to start blogging and sharing my new fun adventures with you all!

For those of you who do not know, I went back to my old preschool job part-time. Last week was my first week back. I am in my old room that I was in before I went on maternity leave with my now 14 month old daughter. I am now the assistant to the wonderful teacher that took over when I left. She is amazing! The kids adore her and she is all around one of the best preschool teachers I have seen!

I am having fun being back at work and balancing Mimi Marie with all of it! When I get home I work on my Etsy orders and try my best to get to my facebook and twitter. I only work until 1:00, so I have plenty of time to get everything done! I am loving every second of this!

I have been trying to get some new projects going and I am really excited about my new wall vases! I hang mason jars on distressed wall plaques with hose clamps! It turns out really cute and shabby! Contact me if you are interested in ordering one! We can customized the colors and size!

Have a super weekend! :)

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