Monday, December 13, 2010

{Support Local} A Few of my Favorite "Arizona" things:)- PART ONE

In celebration of Christmas, I am going to list off a few of my FAVORITE Arizona things! 

Recently, I have met a lot of amazing business entrepreneurs while doing some boutiques. These women are so talented, trendy and FUN! I wanted to give a little "Local" shout out to some of the amazing businesses I have been introduced to since I opened Mimi Marie Design in August.

Check them out!! You will be glad that you did ;P

{Photo Via Modern Cupcake/Facebook}

Let me start with Modern Cupcake. I was at the Believe boutique this past November, walking to my booth as I noticed these perfectly handcrafted cakes of goodness on a table! My mom bought me one as a snack, and we fell in LOVE. I think that during the two day boutique we ate about 10 of them! They are scrumptious! Check them out! By the way.. I LOVE their website! Stop by their Facebook and tell them how awesome they are!

Next, let me tell you about my favorite Pest Control company. This company holds a special place in my heart because the owners are my best friends. They also run a top notch Pest Control company here in the Valley! Economy Pest Control offers an affordable service with NO CONTRACTS! Did I mention that they also do WEED control?? ONE STOP SHOP! They are always prompt and customers always come first. I worked with them in their office for a while this year and got the chance to see first hand just how amazing the business is. If you are looking for pest control and live in the valley, these are your guys! Visit their Facebook and become a fan and make sure to call them if you need service! 480-699-2080. We love you Economy Pest Contol! Oh, and be sure to check them out online ( some really awesome girl named Mindy designed their website :P)

Here is a list of some more of my favorite Arizona things!

The Savvy Socialista! 
The Flower Girls
The Queen Creek Olive Mill
Joe's Farm Grill
Finley and Oliver...... and much more!

More write ups coming soon! For now, please check out these wonderful businesses! Remember... to SUPPORT LOCAL :)

Check back soon for more of my favorite things in Arizona!


  1. I heart Modern Cupcake - so yummy and Jill couldn't be any sweeter! Happy Holidays! ~Grace @ Finley and Oliver

  2. Love your blog! I am your newest follower. Stopping by from blogfrog!


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