Monday, November 1, 2010

Next: Christmas Decorating!

With Halloween being over, we can all now start planning for my other favorite holiday of the year! CHRISTMAS! My youngest daughter was born 3 days after Christmas last year, so not only is this an exciting first Christmas for her,  but also her first birthday is coming up! I am getting so excited to decorate! I love decorating early!

I need your help! What are some fun color themes for trees? I am going to get a real tree this year, ( we usually have an artificial tree up) and I want it to be elegant and glorious! I love the green and pink trees, or the teal and red trees... if you have some fun ideas, let me know! :)

I have been searching all over Martha's site for ideas too! I am so excited to start decorating! Happy Monday everyone!!! :)


  1. Some of my favourites are:
    1. Gingerbread and white trees
    2. Snow themed (all white and crystal decorations)
    3. Candy cane (white and red striped)
    This year I am doing a pink theme. I have also loved my bird and my Canadian themed trees. Oh! Love Christmas! Have fun!


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