Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Our trip to my parent's farm house in Washington....

My daughter's and I made a trip up to Spokane Washington earlier this month to visit my family. We have not been up to Washington ( my home state) since 2008.My family recently purchased their dream home on 10 acres, and we have never been there to visit it yet! When we pulled up to the yellow farmhouse, my dad was on the balcony to greet us!
My younger sister( in photo below) was there to greet my daughter's as well. The girls love their auntie "Mae-Mae". Let me tell you a little more about the house. The house was built around 1900 in Spokane's Gonzaga area. The house was later moved to the 10 acres in Colbert in 1996. The house was placed on a foundation with a 1200 square foot basement which has a room, and small kitchen. The house has 3 bedrooms ( 4 inlcuding the bedroom in the basement). The stairs are original and the rest of the home has been remodeled. The stairs are super squeeky and it was so fun to walk up them thinking about how old they were! So much history in this house! The house is connected to a four car garage with a covered area where you can sit and relax with a heater and BBQ! There is a half court and basket ball hoop on the other side of the garage which also has a sports wall, which I was in love with! I love hitting tennis balls against a wall! What a stress reliever!
The house sits in the middle of 10 acres, and backs up to a beautiful forest. My dad loves deer and by golly there was almost always a few deer wandering out in the yard whenever you glanced out the windows. The night sky was absolutly gorgeous and the views from the house were breathtaking! I loved my new "family" home and hope to visit again soon. Enjoy the pictures!

Chloe and Jaedyn were greeted with some new fun toys from Aunt Mae-Mae

Jae and papa were four-wheeling around feeding the deer!
Then it was time to water the new trees lining the driveway.

Such a farm girl :)

The under cover area between the garage and the house.

The adorable back porch.

The american flag that sits within view from the kitchen.

The kitchen! I love the cabinets!

My mom LOVES antiques! Look at the china above the doorway! ( entering the family room)

The 100 year old original stairs.

My dogs Molly and Winston. You can usually find them sleeping like this.

The field in front of their  house. See Jae and Papa on the four-wheeler in the distance?

The old house at night. It is just stunning!

My dad, lover of nature... feeding the deer at dusk.

The house at dusk.

The dogs tore up an onion.. and there was dirt on it in the shape of a smiley face! How cool!

I loved the smiling onion!

The sunsets were AMAZING! ( photo taken by my mom)

My best childhood friend drove for 5 hours to come see us! ( pictured here with me and my two girls)

We visited GreenBluff. This is a cute holiday display outside of the world famous "Ellie's Edibles". Ellie is an amazing woman who makes caramels out of her house and ships worldwide! They were the best thing on earth!

Inside "Ellie's Edibles". You must go there!

Her best seller... the caramel apple. ( dried apples, caramel and pecans)

We visited a pumpkin patch in Green Bluff!

My mom got a green pumpkin

Baby pumpkins

Picking out pumpkins with my daughter is quite the event!

MORE about our trip..... stay tuned.............................


  1. What great photos! Looks like you had a wonderful time and I'm happy for your parents!
    Came over from SITS to say hi.

  2. Stopping by from SITS :)

    Love your photos! My grandmother lived in Northport (North of Spokane) and I remember spending summers with her and we would go to Spokane to the bank and shopping.
    Looks like a wonderful trip! Congrats to your parents for getting their dream home.

  3. loved all the pictures and it seems like such a fun trip! :)

  4. Thanks for stopping by! It was an amazing time! I cant wait to visit there when it is snowing!!!

  5. How lovely! Those photos are beautiful, and what a terrific house!

    Michelle at ;)

  6. Hi Mimi,
    I love your photos - especially the onion which at first, looked like a tiny little pumpkin LOL! I posted in August about my trip to NYC:

    Stop on by and check it out!


  7. WOW! What a gorgeous homestead!!! aaah what must it be like to have a yard that size?!?!? Absolutely lovely I'm sure. Great photos and great post - makes me want to get all cozy and snuggle up with my family for the holidays! Stopped over from BlogFrog....your new follower Jen @ Lita's World :)

  8. I loved that house!! And the kitchen cabinets too!! Beautiful.

  9. I thought I wrote a comment yesterday? Just wanted to say that I love your blog! It's awesome that you got to visit your home state after almost 2 years! It's such a beautiful place! I'm stopping by from BlogFrog as well and am now your newest follower! Check me out and follow me if you'd like! Can't wait to read more!


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