Saturday, September 18, 2010

Mommy Advice! Help! My baby will NOT take a bottle!

I have two little girls. One is now 4 and the other just turned 8.5 months old. My four year old was the easiest baby ever! She transitioned from nursing to the bottle, and from the bottle to a sippy... everything that she needed to ween off of she did GREAT! As far as my  8.5 month old baby, she will NOT take a bottle at all! I have been nursing her for 8.5 months straight, no formula, no bottle, the only other thing she eats is cereal and baby food. Anyways, I can literally never leave her with anyone else due to her not taking a bottle. When I say that I have tried everything, I really mean it! I tried leaving her with our babysitter for a few hours, and she refused to take a bottle and did not eat her cereal and just cried herself to sleep! So, I now know that she will no matter what refuse a bottle even if she is truly hungry!

Has anyone ever had this issue before? I have bought every single bottle that you can imagine, I have even tried a sippy cup. I have tried having multiple friends and family give her a bottle, and NOPE she just refuses!

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If you have any other tips, PLEASE PLEASE let me know! I appreciate it! :) :)  Thanks so much!


  1. I know how you feel! My 4 month old is just now warming up to the bottle. I occasionally NEED to be away for a meeting here and there, so I wanted him to take a bottle - I mean, I didn't do all that pumping for nothing!

    It has taken quite a while - several weeks - for him to take one and he won't take one every time. The best way he's taken it has been using the breastflow bottles (the first years, I think) and feeding when I am not anywhere near. He won't ALWAYS take it, but if it is offered when he is quite hungry, he'll usually take it.

    Are you using formula or pumped milk? If it's formula, it may be the taste. There is also a chance of a lipase issue with milk that is thawed - if you taste it and it is really bitter, you may need to boil it a little before freezing to counteract the lipase (

    Good luck! Way to go nursing exclusively this long!

  2. Mine won't take a bottle either. He did for awhile but then quit--doesn't matter if it's breastmilk or formula. He doesn't much care for a sippy cup either.

    He just turned 1, and I am wondering about how to wean him too! But as he ate more solid foods, he's become less dependent on the breast. He'll take it often when I'm with him, but I can leave him for up to six hours at a time. At that point he becomes fussy for some "bo-bo."


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