Thursday, September 9, 2010

"Love your SOLES" A Shoe Journey with Mimi Marie!

  <---------- {I found these here. OMG}
Today, I was looking through my closet and saw sooo many pairs of shoes that I have bought and never wore. I feel like the only reason I even bought half of them was because they were on clearance or some crazy sale. Have you ever been like " oh ok, I do not really like these, but they are only $20, so I will get them!"? I HAVE DONE THAT A MILLION TIMES! ( MORE LIKE 15 OR SO, sometimes I exaggerate).  Anyways. I recently bought a pair of shoes from Forever 21 that were really cute ankle boots. They looked a little but too "fashiony" ( is that a word?) for me, but I bought them anyways. My favorite shoe by the way is the 2 for $5 sandal at Old Navy. Every color is in my closet, a flip-flop for every outfit! Ok, so back to the Forever 21 shoes... I have NOT yet wore these poor shoes. I was looking at another pair of shoes this morning, my COACH shimmery tennis shoes... that I HAD to have... and yep, never have wore those either. SO, I thought of a great idea for my new blogger friends!

Are you ready for this?!!?!...... Ok, here it is...... Let's" LOVE OUR SOLES" and dedicate a day to wear one of your lonely pairs of shoes that you have never wore! Wear those shoes, and take a picture of you in those shoes and email it to me! I will then do a follow up post about all the shoes that were forgotten in our closets! It will be called "LOVE YOUR SOLES". :) What do you think? Who is with me on this one? I am going to start out by wearing my Forever 21 ankle boots today!

Email your "LOVE YOUR SOLES" photos to me!
Along with your photos, send me your blog link, the type of shoe, and how long they sat in your closet:)

This is going to be fun!!! Yeah!!!! Tell your friends! The more the merrier!:)


  1. FABULOUS idea! I will totally be participating!!! expect my pic soooon! AND I will blog about it tomorrow! SO FUN!

  2. yeah! I am soooo excited for this! I cannot wait to see what you all wear!:) Thanks for participating:)


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