Monday, August 30, 2010

Farm style dining- Joe's Farm Grill

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If you are ever in the Gilbert, AZ area... you MUST stop by Joe's Farm Grill. I posted earlier that I didn't know what to make for dinner.... so we all decided to go out! Great decision... great food... great atmosphere! I had the chicken tenders, my husband had the chicken burgar and my daughter ate a million fries and one chicken tender! This place has amazing food, a fantastic selection of condiments and a quaint little place to sit outside and eat. There is a HUGE tree is the backyard which is accompanied by a cute cat that wonders around. We all had a very pleasant dinner and dessert (cupcakes) at The Coffee Shop next door! Yummy in my tummy! I want to do it all again tomorrow. Pictures of the cupcakes coming up next!! :)


  1. stopping by from SITS...

    Eating out. We used to do that, before the boys became human bottom-less pits. The only places we can eat out are All-U-Can-Eat places and then we have to set a time limit for the boys ( 2 hours then we're outta there whether they're done or not!)
    Just not cost effective so I have to cook... more than I like, but not as much as I should.
    What's a BusyMom to do??? Hint- use the crock pot or slow cooker... OFTEN!

  2. I am your newest follower of your blog and i came here from SITS! I would love to see you by my blog and maybe follow;)
    Also don't forget, if you need any help increasing your blog's traffic or easy HTML tips, you know where to come!
    Today we talk about another blog trick, so come on by to find out that and more!
    Happy Tuesday!

  3. Found you on SITS. Your blog is adorable. I am a bit crafty myself, so I love the etsy stuff. ;-)

  4. Thanks evelyn! i will check out your blog!


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