Friday, August 27, 2010

{Family} 4 Year old with glasses :)

Yesterday, I took my 4 year old daughter in for a hearing and sight screening at a local elementry school. To my surprise, the nurse puts the eye scanner down and says " your daughter is very much far sided". I was in shock! My daughter has never shown any signs of having trouble seeing things. Sure, she sits too close to the television, but what 4 year old doesn't? We thought of all things that maybe she had a little hearing problem from all of the ear infections she had when she was little. Anyways, we were told that we needed to visit the optometrist! So, I being the crazy mom I am get her an appointment 1.5 hours later! During the eye exam, Jaedyn was sooo good! She listened so well, and wasn't afraid of the eye tools, and even the air that they shoot in her eye! She laughed when they puffed the air in her eye! She was such a good sport about everything!
After witnessing various tests, I could notice where she was having trouble... she was very far sided and could barely make out things that were up close to her! We never even knew!
After all the exams were over, she got to pick out a pair of glasses. She went between some purple disney glasses and some pink Juicy glasses. This is very important, because if she is going to have to wear these everyday ( which I am nervous about) they need to be exactly what she wants! So, we went with the Juicy pair. They are so cute!
I feel so bad that all of this time that she could not see to her full potential. But, like the eye doctor said, she doesn't know how she is supposed to see and what is normal so she wouldn't even know to say anything!
I am just glad we found this out now, so she is ready for Kindergarten with her new glasses! She will be writing letters and numbers and reading in no time!
Here are the fabulous glasses - we get to pick them up in a week!

Here she is with the lenses popped out of her sunglasses ( back when we didn't know that she would actually need eye glasses) She looks super cute though!


  1. Visiting from SITS! I first got glasses in the 5th grade, and I didn't really know I needed them until I got them, and I was wowed by the difference. I kept flipping them up and down to see the contrast. I couldn't believe how the world looked.

  2. Glasses are cool! Your daughter looks great in them, she will have the perfect accessory for any outfit. Good thing you had her eyes checked, you could have waited until the Kindergarden teacher said, she can't see the board.


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