Thursday, July 15, 2010

My many Memories of Snohomish WA

Recently, I have been thinking a lot about my childhood. I am going to be turning 27 this year, and it is really starting to scare me. I cannot believe I am getting so close to 30... I feel like I am still a kid at heart. But, anyways... back to the childhood story...
growing up, my parents were really into dragging my sister and I along with them to garage sales, estate sales, and antique stores, etc. Our WHOLE house was furnished with old furniture,vintage signs and linens. I used to be sooooo embarrassed that I had all of this OLD stuff in my house.... I just wanted my house to be modern like everyone else.

Getting older, I am starting to see why my parents LOVED old stuff! It is so neat! ANYONE can run into Target or Walmart and buy a sign for their wall that says "live, laugh, love", but at my house growing up we had vintage signs on our walls that were one of a kind and were collectible in one way or another.

When I was in Elementary School my parents opened up an antique store in the " Antique Capital of the Northwest" aka Snohomish WA. They had sooo much stuff collected, they decided to start selling it. It was really cool now that I think about it that my family was so into collecting. I watch TV shows now such as "American Pickers" and they totally remind me of my family growing up. When my mom owned " Cathie's Attic" in Snohomish, she had an array of AMAZING china, collectible toys, and lovely linens. My sister and I used to go to work with her and we would hang out in the back room and watch movies.

(above) *Here is a photo of the house that my parent's owned in Snohomish and had turned into " Cathie's Attic". ( now it is a venue for weddings called Victorian Manor) I think it used to be painted light green if my memory serves me right ;P

When we would get bored, we used to walk the streets of Snohomish with a couple of bucks for the candy store on the corner. The old candy/ice cream store had a magnificent "old candy shop" appeal. (pictured below, someone actually posted a photo of the inside of the shop online! thanks sara j. )It was our favorite place to go for a treat. For lunch, we would get take out from the Collector's Choice Restaurant". It had amazing pasta!

The Star Mall was another one of our favorite places to go look around at! I didn't collect much when I was younger other than old bottles and Mork and Mindy memorabilia.

I really wish I could go back in time and wander the roads of Snohomish with my sister again. It was so much fun hanging out in such a unique town. It is such a bummer that it took me 27 years to realize how cool it really was!!!!

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